Maa Shakti


Feel the blessing of the Goddesses through 42 vivid, stunning artworks. The Maa Shakti book is a collection of the most powerful verses of the Goddesses Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. Together with the painting the book enhances the power of the text and evokes strong energies that provide strength to face any obstacles in life.

• Contains the Saptashloki | Shakti Peetha | Mantras
• Beautiful 42 Artworks 
• Old Photi Style Binding ( Thread Binding) 
• Hand Painted wooden covers
• Translation in English and Hindi 
• Transliteration in English 
• Makes a great gift for the Spiritual or Religious Soul
• Wrapped in orange cloth, 
• Packed in a gift box with aggarbatis inside.

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